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Florence’s Slow-Motion Havoc Leaves Thousands of Evacuees in Limbo
The storm’s prodigious rainfall continues to swell rivers in the Carolinas, leaving evacuees stuck in shelters and driving more people from their homes.
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Our CEO, Ann Lee, at the Concordia Annual Summit. Watch the interview as she discusses the history of J/P HRO and our current work relief work in response to Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.
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J/P HRO's emergency response team is working in North Carolina to support relief and recovery efforts after the dev… https://t.co/IsFqv9VgBr 7 11
RT @x_CaramelCoated: In a Haitian household crack and weed are the same thing 😂 445 0
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We know Haiti is a complex country and cannot be colored with one event or happening. J/P HRO’s staff are safe and accounted for and we continue to stand with the Haitian people and the communities we are a part ... Comments Confident of his life You have to enjoy life. Always be surrounded by people that you like, people who have a nice conversation. There ... J/P HARO's an excellent organization and do some amazing things. I support them in every way I possibly can!
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We had the best time with Jason Derulo and his Just For You Foundation in Haiti. It was so awesome to share our work and highlight some of the amazing people, places and programs that we feel so lucky to ... Comments If there is any way I could help out in Haiti with the medical program by volunteering my expertise please ...
As we near the end of the year we want to thank you for your...
As we near the end of the year we want to thank you for your ongoing support of J/P HRO. This year has been one where we strengthened current programs and provided Hurricane Matthew emergency relief for Haiti. Because of ... +1s 1 0 0

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