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General Inquiries

The J/P Haitian Relief Organization is a registered non-profit charitable foundation established to help the people of Haiti recover from the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake.

Due to the large quantities of emails received, we cannot guarantee a personalized response to all emails. Every email is read and forwarded to the appropriate staff member on the ground in Haiti or in our executive office in LA. If there is an interest in your proposal, someone will contact you directly.


This email will not respond to press and media inquires please use: RKarten@ID-PR.com

Press & Media Inquires

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Fundraising & Development Inquiries

Even if your schedule doesn't permit you to volunteer your time, you can still help save lives in Haiti. Reach out to our development team for more information and lend a hand in raising critically needed funds.


Staff & Volunteer with J/P HRO

Volunteers play a huge role in our efforts to rebuild Haiti and help the Haitian people.

Volunteering in disaster environments for humanitarian relief operations requires a tremendous amount of patience, endurance, cooperation and fortitude.

Click below to complete the J/P HRO Volunteer Application Form


Or Contact Volunteer Coordinator: jpvolunteer@jphro.org

Current Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Paramedic JD


Reports to: Deputy Medical Program Manager

Duration: At least four (4) Weeks

Location of position: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

In this unpaid position, the volunteer will use a variety of procedures that assist in diagnosing disease and illness by using magnetic resonance imaging and x-raysor waves that could include sonography or ultrasonography.

This professional will assist the Medical Program with its daily operations of its lab, patient schedule, equipment maintenance, report equipment failures and quality assessment.

• Prepare patient (s) for the Ultrasound examination
• Select appropriate equipment for the procedure
• Perform ultrasound examinations to yield important diagnosis information
• Record and gather data
• Analyze the collected data and report to physician orally and in writing
• Use high frequently sound wave-operating special equipment
• Explain the procedure to patients as well as record medical histories that might be relevant to the condition.
• Responsible for choosing the correct equipment settings and directing the patient to move into positions that will offer the best view.
• Use transducer to transmit sound waves in a rectangle or cone shaped beam.
• Use special gel that is applied to the skin to assist in the transmission of sound waves.
• Identify cues that can contrast unhealthy areas from healthy areas.
• Determine whether the images are satisfactory enough for the purposes of diagnosis and choose which images will be stored to show to the doctor.
• Take measurements as well as calculate values and analyze the results of the findings for doctors.
• Take medical records and maintain and adjust equipment.
• Evaluate the purchase of equipment.
• Preparing work schedules and managing a diagnostic or sonography department.

Qualifications and Experience:
• Must have good interpersonal and communication skills
• Excellent eye-hand coordination
• Competency in multiple specialties – abdominal, obstetrics and gynecology preferred
• Graduated from an accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography or Cardiovascular Technology Programs
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography is desirable
• At least two (2) years of experience in the field
• Ability to lift at least fifty (50) pounds
• Fluent in French or Haitian Creole a must

To apply for this position please submit your application including motivation letter, resume and copy of diplomas to the Human Resources Department before October 6th, 2014 at 17, Rue M. Latortue, Delmas 48 or hrstaffing@jphro.org

N.B Please mention “Sonography Technician Volunteer" as subject of your email. Only applications with this mention will be considered and only selected candidates will be contacted for interview.



(Examples of vocational skills include but are not limited to metal works, crafts, etc)

Reports to: Manager of Appropriate Department

Duration: 6-8 weeks

Location of position: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The volunteer will teach his field of expertise to a group of residents of one of Haiti's largest post-earthquake transition camps. Participants to this training will be selected based on their vulnerability criteria and prior experience. Prior to departure, the volunteer will develop a curriculum and a list of materials for the vocational training. J/P HRO will allocate a project assistant for the full term of the training to translate, procure materials, help in the selection process, act as a disciplinary agent and generally assist. The volunteer will provide a list of materials needed and J/P HRO will be responsible for procuring them. A standard grant will be given for materials and, depending on the cost, additional fundraising for program’s material would be done by the volunteer.

• Prior to departure, develop a curriculum and a list of materials needed for the vocational training
• Fundraise for the program’s materials, if needed (J/P HRO will provide a standard grant for material purchases, which could have to be supplemented depending on program costs)
• Teach the curriculum to a group of camp residents for a period of 6-8 weeks
• Issue certificates to candidates who have successfully completed the program
• Work with candidates to find them jobs

• Qualification in field of expertise
• Qualification in teaching field of expertise desirable
• Fluency in English
• Fluency in French and/or Creole desirable
• International development experience desirable
• Knowledge of Haiti’s available resources and job market


Current Staff Positions

J/P HRO, a non-profit organization dedicated to help lift the nation of Haiti out of the rubble and give the Haitian people a better life, is seeking experienced professionals for several exciting opportunities as part of its response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

JP/HRO est une organisation à but non lucratif visant à aider les haïtiens et à leur offrir un avenir meilleur. J/P HRO recherche des professionnels expérimentés afin de combler plusieurs postes vacants en réponse au séisme qui a frappé Haïti en 2010.

Please submit cover letters and resumes to HRstaffing@jphro.org


Consultant pour l’élaboration des appels d’offres pour le redéveloppement

Consultant for Rapid market study and value chain assessment

Director of Development

JA Chief Compliance Officer

If you are searching for the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic organization making a difference in Haiti, please email your CV and statement of interest to HRstaffing@jphro.org

Si vous recherchez l’opportunité de faire partie d’une organisation dynamique de faire la différence en Haïti, s’il vous plait envoyez votre CV et déclaration d’intérêt à HRstaffing@jphro.org.
J/P Haitian Relief Organization
6022 Wilshire Blvd. # 203 Los Angeles, CA 90036
/ Tel. 1(858) 461-8180 / Fax. 1(858) 225-6062

Avis D'appel a Propositions

Staff & Volunteer Feedback Form

J/P HRO has a strict code of conduct and no tolerance policy for potential illegal activity, unfair workplace practices, or discrimination of any kind. J/P HRO wants employees and volunteers to feel safe and comfortable in reporting issues, knowing the organization takes all reports and allegations very seriously.

This page is a confidential, anonymous forum created for current and former J/P HRO employees and volunteers to disclose information, concerns, or comments regarding activities or behavior within the organization. All submissions received will be reviewed and followed up on in a timely and thorough manner by J/P HRO, and appropriate actions will be taken if necessary.

Providing your name and contact information with your feedback is entirely optional.
Thank you for your comments, J/P HRO values your feedback.


J/P HRO dispose d'un code de conduite strict et une politique de tolérance zéro pour toutes éventuelles activités illégales, pratiques de travail déloyales, ou discrimination. J/P HRO souhaite que les employés et les bénévoles se sentent en sécurité et à l'aise pour signaler les problèmes, sachant que l'organisation prend tous les rapports et allégations très au sérieux.

Cette page est un forum confidentiel et anonyme créé pour les employés et bénévoles, actuels ou anciens, de J/P HRO afin qu’ils divulguent des informations, préoccupations ou commentaires concernant les activités ou les comportements au sein de l'organisation. Toutes les observations reçues seront examinées et suivies en temps opportun et de manière approfondie par J/P HRO, et des mesures appropriées seront prises si nécessaire.

Il vous est entièrement facultatif de fournir votre nom et vos coordonnées avec vos commentaires.
Nous vous remercions de vos commentaires, J/P HRO apprécie vos retours.


J/P HRO genyen yon kod de conduit ki strik ak yon prinsip zero-tolerans pou aktivite ki ilegal, pratik travay ki malonet, ak tout lot diskriminasyon. JPHRO vle amplwaye ak volonte santi yon an sekirite ak konfotab pou yo repote pwoblem paske oganizasyon an pran rapo sa yon seryezman.

Paj sa konfidansyel, se yon paj diskisyon anonim ke yo kreye pou volonte avek amplwaye ki aktyel ak ansyen kapab ekri enfomasyon, komante avek pwoblem yo genyen nan aktivite ak konpotman nan oganizasyon an. Tout komante nou resevwa yo, n' ap pran yo tre seryezman e nap pran aksyon apropriye pou sa pa rive anko.

Li pa telman impotan pou ou bay non w ak infomasyon w le ou ap fe yon komante.