The Redevelopment Program reinforces J/P HRO’s overall strategy of harmonizing services between neighborhoods and the camps to incentivize families to resettle outside of the camps and restart their lives. Redevelopment is currently repairing damaged buildings and homes in the neighborhoods outside of camp to provide safe new locations for community amenities such as schools, medical facilities, community spaces and water kiosks. This program aids in the development of durable, sustainable and prosperous neighborhood communities that will allow for camps to be cleared humanely and progressively.

In addition to repairing vulnerable structures the Redevelopment program uses in-house architectural services to design new structures. J/P HRO and the Government of Haiti have a shared mission for reconstruction in post-earthquake Haiti to ‘Build Back Better’. In January of 2012 J/P HRO and Fondation Architectes de l’Urgence completed construction of a pilot home in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Delmas 32. This project involved the engagement of local workers form the community of Delmas 32. Municipal leaders and members of the community were involved in the process from the initial design of the house to its completion. This was essential in order to ensure community voices were heard, and incorporated, and because of this collaboration the end product reflects the community’s needs for sustainable housing solutions. Redevelopment is currently in the planning phase to complete additional new earthquake and hurricane resistant modular and expandable multi-family homes for displaced earthquake survivors.


Completed projects:
        • 2 medical clinics relocated into retrofitted and repurposed existing buildings
        • 1 community house relocated into a retrofitted and repurposed existing building
        • 1 pilot core home for two families
        • 2 solar-powered water purification kiosks
        • 97 retrofits of private residences and buildings
        • 1 ravine improvement

Projects in-progress:
        • 29 new core homes
        • 3 solar-powered water purification kiosks
        • 2 school rehabilitations
        • 1 pilot home for three

Future projects:
        • 1 new school construction
        • 1 redevelopment of an entire urban block to add multi-family housing and commercial space

Our Mission

J/P HRO’s mission to “Help Haiti Home” requires a great deal of effort and coordination to ensure that each step of the process is managed efficiently and sustainably. We are working to help communities rebuild and return to strong neighborhoods complete with public services and personal support. Together our programs provide comprehensive assistance throughout the process from camp life to independent living back home.