Haiti is not an earthquake. Haiti is not a hurricane. Haiti is not political violence. Haiti is our neighbor. 1.5 hours from Miami, it is one of the closest islands to the United States, yet remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. How is that possible? Not only is it close, it’s small enough to be manageable. 10 million people live in Haiti. That's the population of Los Angeles. When you look at the numbers of those in need, change is possible.

Haiti was once the Pearl of the Caribbean, and it can be again. Business is burgeoning. Large international companies are waking up and realizing Haiti is emerging as the place to be. When you walk the streets of Port-Au-Prince, through the farmland of Cap Haitian, or on the beaches of Jacmel, you can feel the potential energy accumulating. Now is Haiti’s time to rise.

In order for that to happen, we need to address challenges. In Haiti, nowhere has history been so violent, bloody, and brutal. The road from slave nation to sovereign state has been long and arduous, on the Haitian people and their land.

The developed world has a duty to assist those most in need. Nowhere in this hemisphere is need more clear. The world also has an obligation to support hope. And nowhere is hope more strong. With all of our support, Haiti will grow into a flourishing country of eager, informed citizens willing to strive for a stronger nation. True sustainability looks like our work in the hands of a 100% Haitian staff. Help put J/P HRO out of business in Haiti. Help us help Haitians help themselves. The question isn't why work in Haiti, the question is why not.


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